Graphic Design

João Castro (RoyalStudio / Studio Degrau)
André Cruz (Studio Dobra)
Sérgio Alves (Atelier D’Alves)
*more mentors will be announced

Gilberto Ribeiro

10 – 20 July

14th July
Team Presentation
Introduction to Processing
Development of practical exercises

15th July
Introduction to Nodebox
Development of practical exercises

16th July
Introduction of briefing to personal projects.
Case research and group presentation of project intentions

17th July
Open Day

18th July
Development of personal project
Group discussion

19th July
Development of personal project
Preparation for Exhibition

20th July
Assembly of the exhibition
Inauguration of the Exhibition
Group dinner

Last Editions
Graphic Design 2018
Graphic Design 2019

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Graphic Design
~ Kinetic Typography

We live in a technological age and this impact includes Graphic Design that has been accompanied by these wonderful and constant discoveries. Therefore, the year 2018/2019 of the course of Graphic Design will be marked by typographical exploration through generative code and kinetic typography.
Exemples from © Nikita Iziev and Dia Studio.

In order to respond to these increasingly important needs in the design expectancy as well as in society today, the Graphic Design program at an early stage will introduce generative code and kinetic typography through the software Processing and Nodebox for the production of work that will be part of our exhibition, which will join Design, Cinema, Multimedia, Photography and Web Development.
Being this introductory course in these subjects, programming mastery is not required. It is addressed primarily to students and professionals in the area of design and media arts, although it is not a mandatory requirement. All we seek is your passion and enthusiasm for these incredible matters.

The course leader will be Gilberto Ribeiro, a professor at the School of Media Arts and Design.

Any questions regarding the Graphic Design course do not hesitate to contact.